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Schwarz (concert photographs):

- The first official DVD from Headshot Production and Schwarz is coming…


The COUNTDOWN is allready runs and will end at 16.06.2007. At the Internationales Strassenfest in Sindelfingen, next to the “Traube”, will be the presentation and release to sale, of the DVD. The price of it, amounts to 7 euro. The costumer going to pay only the expenditure costs results. (Cover/Print/DVD/dispatch) the DVD can be ordered here over email or directly through Schwarz.

  Picture gallery:
Headshot-Production Trailer

- There was an update at the Headshot-Production Trailer directory. Some new pictures, from 9a till 12b, are waiting for you.
  Picture gallery:
Schwarz rocks in Magstadt

- Concert pictures of "Schwarz" in Magstadt.
  Picture gallery:
Headshot-Production Trailer

- There are some first pictures. First of all a few of the Terror-Trailer, but more will follow soon.
To see them you just have to go to picture gallery on the left side in the navigation area. They´re saved in directories, for having a overview, on which dates they were shot at.



Generally videos:

- From today you can watch all the videos through our YouTobe account. Don´t forget to evaluate us! ;-)


Headshot-Production Trailer:

- The Terror-Trailer is into post-production now. There are only some work to do with cutting and putting audio elements into it. Besides we added a small funny video (Berserker Song) to the download area. Enjoy!


Schwarz (concert photographs):

- The DVD-Cover is nearly finished. So if you want to see a promo-version of it, go to the projects site at production diary of Schwarz.


Headshot-Production Trailer:

- The screening of the Headshot-Production "Firm" Trailer began. It will consist of several category. The category terror (horror) was turned off.


Schwarz (concert photographs):

- Schwarz wants some more effects. After that we are going to show the concert a few persons, which didn´t seen it since yet, but for now we will later work on. During that time we are going to create the DVD layout and the menu for the DVD.

Die Formel:

- The Casting and the negotiations are on full speed. The 2. leading role is certain. Dennis Riedel will play the other part to Daniel Meingassner.

  Schwarz (concert photographs):

- The concert photographs are now to a large extent occupied with effects.

Die Formel:

- A few castings were accomplished and we choosed one of the main actors allready. Daniel Meingassner, which already played a role for BTS-Alternative´s (Blöde Kinder) and led direction, is going to play one of our leading roles. Besides we are in negotiation with Mirjam Maier (Blöde Kinder), Martin Müller und Aasha Paul.
  Die Formel:

- Location scouting of individual railway stations, as well as determining individual members of cast. We made videos and photos of the locations and going to show them on net very soon.

A Hard Working Day:

- The first "A Hard Working Day" - Teaser is online


BTS - Alternative:

- Our production partners from Berlin - BTS Alternative gave us a trailer of the shortmovie "Blöde Kinder" from director Kornelius Glaser, with Daniel Meingassner, Mirjam Maier, Sophia Schmitt, Sanjay Paul and Loretta Stern (the star of the hit movie "Goldene Zeiten").

  Schwarz (concert photographs):

- The cut is finished. There is a little gift for all of you, in the download area. It´s a small video of our earlier works with Schwarz.


The Headshot Production-Team wishes you all a happy new year.


A Hard Working Day:

- There is a teaser of "A Hard Working Day" in planing. You can watch it in a few days.


Schwarz (concert photographs):

- The "Schwarz" concert photographs are in post-production now.

Die Formel:

- The screening begin of "Die Formel" is set at the date
23. December.


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